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Glassco is a producer of high-quality Lab Glassware and Instruments for more than 50 years and exporting to 80 countries. We export a wide range of standard glassware, according to DIN, JIS, ISO, and ASTM standards from one production facility with more than 1000 employees.

Recently, we started manufacturing Disposable Glassware like Test Tubes, Pasteur Pipettes, Culture Tubes, and Chromatography Vials, a milestone achieved in Glassco Laboratories, having a capacity of producing one million pieces per day.

Glassco has signed an agreement with Caliber Software Company having more than 250 installations in Pharma Companies. Their software is compatible with our QR coded Volumetric Glassware. Offering a QR Code on our Volumetric Flasks amplifies our portfolio and enables the customers to download individual certificates for our products. QR Code for each product is also available in this catalogue, which, when scanned, redirects you to the website for additional information about the products and quick buy.

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