Swirlex - Digital Handheld Homogenizer

• ABDOS Swirlex-Digital Handheld Homogenizer is a powerful handheld homogenizer designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse and disintegrate biological samples in 10-30 seconds with adjustable speed ranging from 8,000 rpm up to 30,000 rpm.
• The homogenizer is ideal to use with samples from 0.5ml to 250ml with three types of generator probes available for different sample volume range.
• It is lightweight, can be held with one hand and also mounted to a stand for fatigue-free and longer operation. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is generally achieved in a few seconds.
• Autoclavable generator shaft is made up of 316L stainless steel Interchangeable generator probes that are easily disassembled for clean-up.

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