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From Helix pomatia
Sulfatase Activity =5000 u/ml

SYNONYMS: ß-D-Glucuronide glucuronosohydrolase


Beta-glucuronidases are members of the glycosidase family of enzymes that catalyze breakdown of complex carbohydrates. Human ß-glucuronidase is a type of glucuronidase that catalyzes hydrolysis of ß-D-glucuronic acid residues from the non-reducing end of mucopolysaccharides such as heparan sulfate. In human gut ß-glucuronidase converts conjugated bilirubin to the unconjugated form for reabsorption. Application Notes ß-Glucuronidases are routinely used for the enzymatic hydrolysis of glucuronides from Serum plasma and other fluids prior to analysis by enzyme immunoassay, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, or other means.ß-glucuronidase is used as a reporter gene in GUS assays to monitor gene expression. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department. Key Applications Used as reporter gene | Enzymatic hydrolysis of glucuronides
SKU: 02152284-CF
Base Catalog Number: 152284
Alternate Names: 152284
Biochemical Physiological Actions : ß-glucuronidase catalyzes the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. In humans it converts conjugated bilirubin into the unconjugated form, making bilirubin suitable for reabsorption.ß-Glucuronidase from Helix pomatia is a mixture of enzymes. Inhibitors: D-glucuronic acid, D-galacturonic acid, D-glucaro-1, 4-lactone
Format : Supplied in 65% Saturated Ammonium Sulfate Solution.
Hazard Statements : H317-H334
PPE : Breathing apparatus,gloves,Safety glasses
RTECS No : LZ8990000
Safety Symbol : GHS08
Source : Helix pomatia
Specific Activity : Sulfatase Activity
Sterility : =5000 u/ml
Unit Definition : Unit definition: amount that liberates 1.0 µg of phenolphthalein from phenolphthalein glucuronide per hour at pH 5.0 and 37°C.

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