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SYNONYMS: PHA-L; Phaseolus vulgaris agglutinin; PHA; PHA-P, Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris
CAS: # Not yet assigned


Phytohemagglutin-Leukoagglutinin Application Notes Phytohemagglutin is very valuable in a wide variety of applications in vitro, including: blood grouping and erythrocyte polyagglutination studies, Mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes, Lymphocyte subpopulation studies, Fractionation of cells and other particles, Histochemical studies of normal and pathological conditions. Reconstitute with water to a final concentration of 25 mg/mL (0.2 mL water for the 5 mg size). This concentration of the lectin has been used for iontophoresis and neuron transport. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department. Key Applications Mitogenic activity | Cell Biology | Cell Signaling and Neuroscience
SKU: 02151886-CF
Base Catalog Number: 151886
Alternate Names: PHA-L; Phaseolus vulgaris agglutinin; PHA; PHA-P, Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris
Biochemical Physiological Actions : PHA consists of two molecular species, an erythroagglutinin (PHA-E) which has low mitogenic activity and high erythroagglutinin activity, and leucoagglutinin (PHA-L) which has high mitogenic and leucoagglutinating activity, but very low erythroagglutinating activity. PHA-E is not blood group specific, but agglutination can be inhibited by certain oligosaccharides. PHA-P is the protein form of PHA prior to separation and purification of erythroagglutinin and leucoagglutinin. PHA-M is the mucoprotein form. Conjugates are prepared from the corresponding purified lectins.
CAS : # Not yet assigned
Format : Lyophilized powder
Hazard Statements : H317
PPE : Eyeshields, Gloves, Respirator filter
Source : Phaseolus vulgaris (Red Kidney Bean)
Specificity : Carbohydrate Specificity: PHA-L recognizes a complex branched chain oligosaccharide structure.
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