Aprotinin, >200,000 KIU/mL

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CAS: # 9087-70-1

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SKU: 02180563-CF
Base Catalog Number: 180563
Biochemical Physiological Actions : Aprotinin is a competitive serine protease inhibitor that forms stable complexes with and blocks the active sites of enzyme. This binding is reversible, and most aprotinin-protease complexes will dissociate at extreme pH levels >10 or <3. Structurally, Aprotinin is a monomeric globular protein derived from bovine lung that consists of 58 amino acids, arranged in a single polypeptide chain with three crosslinking disulfide bridges.
CAS : # 9087-70-1
Format : Solution
Optical Rotation: ~9 mg/ml
Benzyl Alcohol
Solubility : 10818||10820||A1153||A3428||A3886||A4529||A6012||A6106||A6279
Sterility : Bovine Lung
Sterilization of Solutions : >200,000 KIU/mL
Storage : 21

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