Calpeptin, 5 mg

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SYNONYMS: N-CBZ-L-Leucyl-Norleucinal, N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucylnorieucinal; Z-Leu-Nle-CHO
CAS: # 117591-20-5
MDL No: MFCD00155623
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Calpeptin is a cell permeable calpain inhibitor. Research shows that Calpeptin is an effective inhibitor of calpain 2 and can fully block cleavage of PLC-ß 3 enzymes. Additionally, Calpeptin has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the activities of cathepsin L and calpain-1. In muscle cell studies Calpeptin blocked the expression of aspartyl protease cathepsin D, amyloid precursor protein, and calparin. Pulmonary fibrosis research in mice have reported that Calpeptin can decrease expression of TGF-ß1, IL-6, collage type Ia1, and angiopoietin-1 mRNA. Calpeptin is an inhibitor of Calpain 1, cathepsin K, cathepsin L and PTP. Calpeptin is an activator of Rock. Application Notes Calpeptin is a potent, cell-permeable inhibitor of the Ca2+-dependent protease, calpain. Prevents collagen- and thrombin-induced platelet aggregation, probably by blocking calpain induced phospholipase C and thromboxane synthase activation. Potent cathepsin L inhibitor. Recently shown to preferentially inhibit a subset of protein-tyrosine phosphatases. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department. Key Applications Inhibitor of Calpain and Cathepsin L
SKU: 0215956305
Base Catalog Number: 15956305
Alternate Names: N-CBZ-L-Leucyl-Norleucinal, N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucylnorieucinal; Z-Leu-Nle-CHO
Biochemical Physiological Actions : Calpeptin is a rho kinase activator and an inhibitor of calpains, a family of calcium-dependent cysteine proteases involved in apoptosis, long-term potentiation in neurons, and cell cycle progression.
CAS : # 117591-20-5
Hazard Statements : H317
MDL No : MFCD00155623
Melting Point : 86 - 97 °C (Lit.)
Molecular Formula : C20H30N2O4
Molecular Weight : 362.46
PPE : Respiratory protection: Breathing apparatus only if aerosol or dust is formed. Hand protection: Pvc or other plastic material gloves Skin and body protection: Usual safety precautions while handling the product will provide adequate protection against this potential effect. Eye protection: Safety glasses with side-shields Hygiene measures: Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.
Solubility : Soluble in ethanol (25 mg/mL), DMSO (25 mg/mL) and DMF.
Typical Working Concentration : Effective concentration is typically 0.3 to 1.0 uM. Working solutions should be made fresh for each use. Dilute a 1 mM stock solution 1:1000 to obtain a 1 uM working solution.

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