Dimethyl sulfoxide, cell culture reagent

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Dimethyl Sulfoxide

SYNONYMS: DMSO; Methyl sulfoxide; dimethyl sulphoxide; Sulfinylbismethane; Methyl sulphoxide
CAS: # 67-68-5
MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 78.129 g/mol
EC No: 200-664-3
MDL No: MFCD00002089
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Dimethyl Sulfoxide Application Notes Dimethyl Sulfoxide is ideal for use as a cryoprotectant. Also used in chemical reactions, in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) as a PCR cosolvent to help improve yields, especially in long PCR, and as a cryoprotectant vitrification agent for the preservation of cells, tissues and organs. DMSO is used in cell freezing media to protect cells from ice crystal-induced mechanical injury. It is used for frozen storage of primary, sub-cultured, and recombinant heteroploid and hybridoma cell lines, embryonic stem cells (ESC), and hematopoietic stem cells. DMSO is frequently used in the combinations with BSA or fetal bovine serum (FBS). Used to enhance dermal absorption of many chemicals. A solvent for many organic and inorganic compounds including fats, carbohydrates, dyes, resins, and polymers. Used in antifreeze or hydraulic fluids. A cryopreservative for cell cultures. Used in the oxidation of thiols and disulfides to sulfonic acids. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department.
SKU: 02196055-CF
Base Catalog Number: 196055
Alternate Names: DMSO; Methyl sulfoxide; dimethyl sulphoxide; Sulfinylbismethane; Methyl sulphoxide
Auto Ignition: 419° F (USCG, 1999)
Beilstein Registration No : 506008
Boiling Point : 372° F at 760 mm Hg (NTP, 1992)
CAS : # 67-68-5
Density : 1.101 at 68° F (USCG, 1999)
EC No : 200-664-3
Flash Point : 203° F (NTP, 1992)
Format : Liquid
Grade : Cell Culture
MDL No : MFCD00002089
Melting Point : 65.3° F (NTP, 1992)
Molecular Formula : C2H6OS
Molecular Weight : 78.129 g/mol
PPE : Respiratory protection: Breathing apparatus only if aerosol or dust is formed. Hand protection: Pvc or other plastic material gloves Skin and body protection: Usual safety precautions while handling the product will provide adequate protection against this potential effect. Eye protection: Safety glasses with side-shields Hygiene measures: Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Eyeshields, full-face respirator, Gloves, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge, respirator filter
Purity : =99%
Refractive Index : n20/D 1.479(lit.)
RTECS No : PV6210000
Solubility : greater than or equal to 100 mg/mL at 68° F (NTP, 1992)
Vapor Density : 2.71 (NTP, 1992) (Relative to Air)
Vapor Pressure : 0.42 mm Hg at 68° F (NTP, 1992)

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