Insulin, human recombinant

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For gene expression, transformation and cloning

SYNONYMS: Insulin sodium salt human; rh-Insulin
CAS: # 11061-68-0
MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 5807.629 g/mol
MDL No: MFCD00131380

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Insulin, Human Recombinant Application Notes Methods for immobilizing insulin on polystyrene dishes have been reported for applications involving protein-free cell cultures. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department.
SKU: 02193900-CF
Base Catalog Number: 193900
Alternate Names: Insulin sodium salt human; rh-Insulin
Biochemical Physiological Actions : Two-chain polypeptide hormone produced by the ß-cells of pancreatic islets. Its molecular weight is ~5800 Da. The a and ß chains are joined by two interchain disulfide bonds. The a chain contains an intrachain disulfide bond. Insulin regulates the cellular uptake, utilization, and storage of glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids and inhibits the breakdown of glycogen, protein, and fat.
CAS : # 11061-68-0
Extinction Coefficient : EM (278 nm): 6080 (33 mM phosphate, pH 7.0, bovine and porcine) (Lit.)
Format : Powder
Hazard Statements : H317
Isoelectric Point : ~5.3 (for the native protein)(Lit.)
MDL No : MFCD00131380
Melting Point : 81 °C
Molecular Formula : C257H383N65O77S6
Molecular Weight : 5807.629 g/mol
RTECS No : NM8900250
Specific Activity : ~28 IU/mg
Typical Working Concentration : 1 to 10 ug/mL for cell culture
Unit Definition : 1 unit corresponds to the efficiency of 0.04167 mg international standard substance. An HPLC method exists to test the potency.

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