Penicillin G sodium salt, 1 MU

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SYNONYMS: Benzylpenicillin sodium salt
CAS: # 69-57-8
EC No: 200-710-2
MDL No: MFCD00069666
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Penicillin G sodium salt is a salt of Penicillin G. Penicillin G is a hydrophobic, ß-lactam antibiotic produced by Penicillium spp. Penicillin G is also known as benzylpenicillin and contains a 6’ phenylacetyl side chain. In acid aqueous solutions, Penicillin is reported to decompose into penillic acid and penilloic acid. Application Notes Penicillin G sodium salt is used to study the diagnostic and therapeutic implications of gentamicin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis sequence type 6 with reduced penicillin susceptibility. It is used in cell culture alone as well as in combination with streptomcyin and other antibiotics. It is the drug of choice for Streptococcus pneumoniae, groups A, B, C and G streptococci, nonenterococcal group D streptococci, viridans group streptococci, and non-penicillinase producing staphylococcus. Usage Statement Unless specified otherwise, MP Biomedical's products are for research or further manufacturing use only, not for direct human use. For more information, please contact our customer service department. Key Applications Antibiotic | Inhibitor of bacterial cell wall synthesis
SKU: 0210054801
Base Catalog Number: 10054801
Alternate Names: Benzylpenicillin sodium salt
Beilstein Registration No : 3834217
Biochemical Physiological Actions : Mode of Action: Inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis; Antimicrobial spectrum: Gram-positive bacteria. Penicillin G inhibits cell wall synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins (PBPs), which inhibits peptidoglycan chain cross-linking. Penicillin G is stable against hydrolysis by ß-lactamases, such as penicillinases and cephalosporinases.
CAS : # 69-57-8
EC No : 200-710-2
Hazard Statements : H317-H334
MDL No : MFCD00069666
Molecular Formula : C 16 H 17 N 2 O 4 SNa
Molecular Weight : 356.4
Potency : =1,500 u/mg
PPE : Dust mask, Eyeshields, Faceshields, Gloves
Preparation Method : To prepare Stock Solutions: Add the appropriate amount of powder to water while mixing (not the reverse), as adding water to the powders may result in insoluble mixtures that cannot be filtered without losing potency. If desired, the pH may be adjusted, but a basal media with greater than 2 g/L sodium bicarbonate can easily absorb up to 2% of an acidic antibiotic solution; therefore, an antibiotic solution with an acidic pH would not influence the pH of the media. After ensuring that the resultant solution is transparent, sterile filter and store in small aliquots at appropriate temperature until use. Prior to use of the media, aseptically add the appropriate amount of antibiotic to the basal media in order to obtain the required working concentration. Mix well and sterile filter if asepsis is believed to have been compromised.
RTECS No : XH9800000
Safety Symbol : GHS08
Typical Working Concentration : Gram Positive Bacteria - 105 U/L
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