In-Fusion Cloning

The In-Fusion Cloning products allow ligation-independent cloning of PCR products into any vector, at any site of linearization. The In-Fusion Cloning reaction, which takes as little as 15 minutes, is specific and directional, ensuring an exceptionally high rate of cloning accuracy in all applications. The liquid format, In-Fusion Snap Assembly Master Mixes and bundles, provide the ability to customize reaction volumes and plasticware, while the lyophilized format, In-Fusion Snap Assembly EcoDry system, version offers prealiquoted components to minimize handling errors, and can be stored at room temperature.


In-Fusion Snap Assembly master mixes

In-Fusion Snap Assembly EcoDry master mixes and bundles

In-Fusion Cloning for high-throughput workflows

In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus value bundles

In-Fusion HD EcoDry Cloning value bundles

Cloning Enhancer

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