Fast PCR products

When your time to results is critical, choose a high-speed polymerase for expedited results.

We offer several DNA polymerases for fast PCR:

  • SapphireAmp Fast PCR Master Mix—a convenient solution for fast PCR that includes a hot-start enzyme and a blue gel-loading dye
  • SpeedSTAR HS DNA Polymerase—a fast, hot-start polymerase that can be used on standard PCR machines
  • TaKaRa Z-Taq DNA Polymerase—a fast polymerase for long amplicons (up to 20 kb from lambda DNA)

The high-fidelity polymerases from the PrimeSTAR product family also perform well for fast PCR. PrimeSTAR MAX DNA Polymerase offers the highest fidelity and fastest extention rate of all Takara Bio enzymes.


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