Ex Taq products

TaKaRa Ex Taq DNA Polymerase combines the proven performance of Takara Taq polymerase with the proofreading activity of an efficient 3′-to-5′ exonuclease, for high-sensitivity and high-efficiency PCR. It can also be used for long-range PCR (up to 20 kb from genomic DNA templates and up to 30 kb from lambda DNA templates). Ex Taq polymerase has a higher fidelity than standard Taq polymerase with a mutation rate approximately 4.5 times lower, as determined by the Kunkel method.

Ex Taq DNA polymerase is available in several flexible and convenient formats:

  • Individual components—separate tubes of Ex Taq enzyme blend, 10X reaction buffer (with or without Mg2+), and dNTPs for flexible reaction setup and optimization
  • Hot-start versions—Ex Taq formulations that include an antibody to prevent non-specific amplification from mispriming during reaction setup, thereby improving specificity
  • 2X PCR master mix—premix that includes Ex Taq enzyme blend, reaction buffer (with Mg2+), and dNTPs for simple and convenient PCR setup with minimal pipetting steps. A dye-added version is also available as PerfectShot Ex Taq DNA Polymerase


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