Titanium Taq products

Titanium Taq is a version of Taq polymerase that has an N-terminal deletion (Barnes, 1992) and also contains an engineered amino acid substitution for improved solubility, and hence, increased sensitivity. Titanium Taq is suitable for use in all PCR applications and with a wide range of samples—including bacterial and plasmid DNA, cDNA, and complex genomic DNA—and is active over a wide range of Mg2+ concentrations.

Titanium Taq is formulated for hot-start PCR with the inclusion of an antibody to prevent non-specific amplification from mispriming during reaction setup. The hot-start feature is particularly important for multiplex PCR when multiple primer pairs are present in the reaction mix.

Titanium Taq is available in several formats:

  • Individual components—separate tubes of Titanium Taq polymerase mix and buffer (dNTPs not included).
  • Glycerol-free formulation—ideal for preparation of custom dried-down PCR master mixes or automation workflows.
  • Titanium Taq PCR Kit—complete kit comprised of separate tubes of Titanium Taq polymerase mix, optimized PCR buffer, dNTPs, and control template primers.
  • Titanium DNA Amplification Kit—Affymetrix recommends this kit for use with its CytoScan HD and CytoScan 750K Arrays, as well as the Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 and the original GeneChip Human Mapping 250K and 500K Array Sets.
  • Lyophilized PCR master mix—High Yield PCR EcoDry Premix is a ready-to-use, dried-down formulation of Titanium Taq for convenient room-temperature set up, transport, and storage.
  • A registered General Purpose Reagent (GPR) and a GMP-grade version of Titanium Taq are also available should you require an added level of confidence in your PCR.


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